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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Korean LOMO 4 Lens Action Camera - RM55

This camera isn't a temporary but a manual photography one, no need for battery. Use the 35mm ordinary roll film, any Flushes Shop all to be possible to flush. But there isn't flashing light. So many kinds of photography way, makes you to experience the super living feeling :

1. Fixed the camera and photoed a fixed object
2. Fixed the camera but photoed an acting object
3. Moving the camera to photo a fixed object
4. Moving the camera to photo an acting object

Product Description

LOMO Style "Action" 4 lens Film Camera is a patent 35mm outdoor camera. It captures the motions - 4 action in 1 photo frame. With a super 23.4mm wide angle, Japanese made dual lens and its multiple shoot function, this LOMO style 4 lens film camera qualifies as the ultimate gadget for casual, snapshot photography.

This "Action" 4 lens film camera preserves the movement in time and motion on one single print. One snap of the camera takes four pictures in the span of about one second. Each camera uses any standard 35mm film. Pick your angle, close up, and shoot fast!

The 10 "Rules" of Lomography

Lomographers are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photography, and use techniques such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure and blurring. The following 10 "rules" may give you some hints to make some "happy accidents" in your snapshots:

1. Always have your LOMO camera with you -- it's handy and light!

2. Use it any time;

3. Make LOMO part of your life;

4. Close up! Be as close to your object as possible;

5. Don't think;

6. Make it fast;

7. You don't need to know entirely what you are capturing;

8. You don't need to remember what you have captured;

9. Take photos from the top, or from anywhere; and

10. Forget the above rules!

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