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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jelly Lens 手机特效迷你滤镜 - RM15.90 each

LOMO 热情持续向数码相机,手机燃烧!
日韩港台最新最流行潮品 : 12款特效Mini滤镜,为你现有的拍摄工具增添无穷乐趣, 真正实现随时随地LOMO, Don't think, just shoot! 为您的手机加上Jelly Lens, 随时随地LOMO Bile! 为您的普通家用数码相机加上Jelly Lens, 随时随地DCLOMO! 通过简易改装, 您亦可为芭比可爱系列相机加上Jelly lens! 有了JellyLens, 你可以轻易实现多达12多种LOMO效果, 而且有些效果是其他相机无法实现的!

If you like how the LOMO Colorsplash camera can give dreamy-streaked colors to photos, you may enjoy this new product—Jelly Lenses! These resusable lenses fit over the camera lens to create starburst, heart frame or diamond facet effects in various colors. Each features a loop that keeps it attached to the phone or camera, and a protective cap. A great stocking stuffer for teenagers! Very economical merchandize for fun and promo gifts. People could customize their cell phones or digital cameras with these special lenses. Now you can create special effects with your mobile phone / compact digital camera by this jelly lens! It works well on lenses that are no bigger than 1cm in diameter. Once the sticky area gets dirty, just wash it with mild soap and you're good to go again!

01 :Wide Angle 鱼眼广角镜 [效果] 广角视野,近拍有鱼眼效果Wide Angle / Fish Eye: Creates a wide angle panoramic shot or fisheye effect photo easily

02 :Stretch 柱面拉伸镜 [效果] 变肥变瘦,还可以用来整古人,哈^_^Stretch : Turn the lens to stretch your photo horizontally or vertically

03 :6 Image Mirage 六菱镜 [效果] 6重影像
Hexa-image Mirage : Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 6 duplicated images

04 :3 Image Mirage 三菱镜 [效果] 3重影像

Tri-image Mirage : Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 3 duplicated images

05 :Heat Frame/Blue Filter 红色爱心/绿色镜 [效果] 一组2个滤镜,红色爱心镜可以在图片上形成一个红心,绿色镜可以使照片染上绿色感觉
Heart/Blue Filter : 2 lenses included, put a heart shaped frame around your photo or filter it through a blue tint

06 :Star/Antique 蓝色星星/橙色镜 [效果] 一组2个滤镜,蓝色星星镜可以在图片上形成一个星星,橙色镜可以使照片染上橙色感觉
Star/Antique Filter : 2 lenses included, put a star shaped frame around your photo or filter it through a classic amber tint

07 :Polorized 偏光镜 [效果] 用来拍容易反光的物件最好,可过滤倒影和反光Polarized/Vivid : Reduces light reflections and turns the sky more blue

08 :Close up 近拍镜 [效果] 微距效果
Macro Close Up : Enables your cameras to take close up photos and focuses on tiny details

09 :Soft Lens 柔光镜[效果]周围朦胧,中间清晰
Soft Lens : Provides a romantic border to portraits

10 :Starburst 放射镜 [效果] 影像向周围放射的动感效果
Starburst : The center of your image will stay focused while the edges are blurred outwards
11 :Vignette 浪漫娇柔镜 [效果] 影像周围呈流水般的朦胧影像
Shaking Vignette : Blurs the surrounding like shaking while the middle remains clear
12 :Spark 星光镜 [效果] 在夜间灯光会放射出光芒效果
Sparkle : Adds twinkly stars to your photos. This lens makes lights and reflections appear as twinkly starbursts.


  1. Hi I would like to ask whether got any discount for 12 pcs that what you have it?

  2. can i know the price 15.90 is it for the whole set or per item only.
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    any discount?
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  11. Is it still available??
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  13. hi, im interested to noe, 15.90 is whole set or just one?
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  14. hi. can you please post up whether the price is for one lens or the whole set?

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  19. these stuff is great..!
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