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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Korean LOMO Twin Stars Camera - RM55

This fashion twins star camera by which use the briefest technology practice the fresh LOMO photography concept, comes from South Korea. The camera is extremely exquisite, suits carries along with.

No limits on aperture, focusing and shutter, just press then get one photo which has been divided into 2. Pats in the mischievous active little darling and family's pet treasure suitably.

This camera isn't a temporary but a manual photography one , no need for battery. Use the 35mm ordinary roll film, any Flushes Shop all to be possible to flush. But there isn't flashing light.

So many kinds of photography way, makes you to experience the super living feeling :
1. fixed the camera and photoed a fixed object
2. fixed the camera but photoed an acting object
3. moving the camera to photo a fixed object
4. moving the camera to photo an acting object


  1. do u still have this? i want to buy one ;)

  2. Hi, may I have your e-mail address? =)